MFN Meals - Mind Fitness Nutrition Meals

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Success Stories


"Hi Mary, just want to let you know that I have fully endorsed your meals with my GP (78 yrs old) who is amazed at my latest blood test results.

I have yearly blood tests, no underlying reasons other than to stay informed. In particular with my triglycerides level now at 1.9, he said that he has never seen that result before.

I told him what I have changed in my diet and he said it’s fantastic. Just thought I would share this with you and thank you so much…. He wanted your number so you may get more enquiries..."


"Mary is simply the best in the industry. She has been my PT for just over a year and I have lost 37kgs and achieved my goals.

I want to say thank you for all your help, motivation and for pushing me to my limits. Thank you for changing my life and saving my life. Forever grateful"


"Hi Mary, I just had my first meal and was blown away. I love to give praise when its due.

The meal was very delicious and full of flavour. Keep up the great work...”


“…Worth every cent! I was so happy.. my skin is looking ridiculous. I’m actually noticing a massive difference overall not just weight..

It’s incredible in just a few weeks.. I honestly can’t thank you enough. My GP was even relieved that I had you supplying meals. Oh my, and my hair is growing back. Couldn’t believe it!"


"Loving the food!!! Thank you so much, so convenient and honestly the best food I have ever had and I’ve tried many companies before MFN meals.

Thanks guys for the amazing service and support. Would especially like to thank Mary for being unreal. I have lost 10kg in 6 weeks and I feel great..."


"Your service is amazing and you are very supportive and your delivery driver is really lovely..

I think he laughs a little inside when he walks in every Sunday because my eyes light up when I receive my meals.. It’s the most exciting part of my week haha..."


"My meals have been great! …I’ve lost an extra 2-3kgs and I’m feeling really good! I’m honestly so glad I found you guys!!

I feel like your meals have really kept me on track when I felt like I was falling off the bandwagon so THANK YOU!!"


"I absolutely love every meal I have tried on the menu. Flavoursome and delicious options always custom made to cater for my goals and caloric intake.

Your meals are so satisfying and have helped me stay super accountable. Honestly, best customer service, super generous and thank you for the convenience and all the time you have saved me."


"...I’ve chosen my favourite dishes that I’m enjoying eating throughout this pregnancy, like the mince fried rice I crave that big time..."


"Nothing but positive things to say about Mary. She dedicates all her time and energy into her work and from the get go makes you feel like you really matter and not just another number.

It’s never a no, it’s always; let me see what I can do! She truly cares about helping and she’s determined to reach your personal goals! Thankyou Mary!”


"Mary’s attention to detail and genuine care for her clients makes every individual experience unique and tailor made.

She loves to see results and knows there are different ways to achieve them depending on your strengths and weaknesses.

She’s passionate about her work and will always push you to strive for more. I would highly recommend her service. I have never felt stronger"


"Mary is amazing. Always answers my calls, even late at night. She works around me as I have a toddler and newborn. She puts her clients before herself.

Above all, I have had 2 kids, after my first I lost an extra 5 kgs per pregnancy weight with Mary and aiming for that with my second baby.. Mary is doing an amazing job putting me back on track..."